Laser medicine

Laser light allows the targeted and gentle destruction of the smallest cell structures in individual skin layers. In this way, conventional surgical interventions can be avoided. Disturbing benign skin changes (e.g. warts), but also preliminary stages of white skin cancer (actinic keratoses), spider veins, hairs, age spots can be gently removed with laser light.

The following systems are available in our practice:

  • CO2 laser and fractionated CO2 laser
  • IPL lamp – flash lamp
  • ARC laser – nail fungus laser


This laser is used for effective and gentle removal of a variety of skin lesions, such as:

  • actinic keratoses (precursors of white skin cancer)
  • age spots
  • fibromas
  • milia
  • papillomatous nevi (protruding moles, especially on the face)
  • seborrheic keratoses (age warts)
  • enlarged sebaceous glands
  • warts
  • xanthelasma (fat deposits on the upper and lower eyelids)

Fractionated CO2 laser

Fractionated laser therapy treats only a part of the skin in the form of a grid, leaving the surrounding tissue intact, thus leading to faster wound healing This method stimulates the formation of new collagen and firms the skin.

It treats:

  • pigment irregularities
  • fine wrinkles
  • skin texture
  • scars: acne scars or keloids

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) – flash lamp

The IPL procedure is a reliable, non-invasive method that can correct a variety of benign skin conditions.

  • age spots
  • benign pigment spots
  • irregularities of the facial skin
  • telangiectasias – small veins
  • epilation – permanent hair removal

ARC laser -Nail fungus laser

The nail fungus laser is a promising alternative to existing treatment options for nail fungus. About every fifth patient between 18 and 65 years suffers from nail fungus – onychomycosis.   During laser treatment, the nail is heated and thus unwanted fungal colonies are destroyed. The therapy, which has to be performed 2-4 times depending on the infestation of the nails, shows convincing healing chances and combined with our medical foot care is a good alternative to tablets.

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