Aesthetic dermatology

With the advancement of our civilization, we are reaching an increasingly older age. However, many people feel younger than they actually are. Therefore, nowadays it is not uncommon to use non-invasive, gentle methods to soften the traces of aging and harmoniously adapt them to the circumstances of life. The Spectrum of anti-wrinkle therapy is large and ranges from botulinum toxin – the so-called “Botox” – to various fillers and laser systems for reducing wrinkles. Since every single person ages differently and has different ideas about their “perfect appearance”, an individual and personal consultation is absolutely necessary.

  • Botulinum toxin (Botox)
  • Filler (hyaluronic acids)
  • PRP (Plated-rich-Plasma) – Vampire Lifting
  • Laser treatments
  • mesotherapy
  • Injection lipolysis
  • Eyelid plastic surgery

Botulinum toxin – better known to many people as “Botox” – is a protein extracted from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. It smoothes wrinkles in the skin by selectively relaxing the underlying mimic muscles. Persistent conscious or unconscious tension of certain mimic muscles can cause the face, forehead region and eye area to tighten, giving them a wrinkled or even grim appearance. Botulinum toxin can also be used in the lower facial area, e.g. for upper lip wrinkles, a “turkey neck” or the so-called “Merkel wrinkles”. In addition, botulinum toxin is also used to combat heavy perspiration and a tendency to sweat (hyperhidrosis) under the armpits. If the treatment is carried out professionally, the natural facial expression is preserved – contrary to the widespread prejudice.

By means of injections with hyaluronic acids with different molecule sizes and cross-links, a wide variety of wrinkles can be successfully treated, such as the nasolabial region, the lips, sunken cheeks or the eye region. Hyaluronic acids have an ability to bind and store water in large quantities. This improves the elasticity of the skin and stimulates the formation of new collagen. A natural, refreshed overall appearance of the face can be achieved with professional injections.

The “vampire lift”, technically also known as PRP-Plasma Lifting (PRP = Platelet-rich Plasma), is a method of wrinkle treatment that promises a radiant complexion and the smoothing of small wrinkles entirely without the use of synthetic agents through injections of processed autologous blood. PRP therapy became famous due to its popularity with many Hollywood stars.

The injection of autologous blood stimulates the skin to regenerate itself. Collagen, a protein produced naturally in the body, is formed in the process. The connective tissue is thus strengthened, the skin appears firmer and wrinkles are plumped up. In addition, the blood circulation of the skin is stimulated, making it appear fresh and radiant. In this way, an all-round rejuvenating effect is achieved.

Furthermore, vampire lifting can have a positive effect on hair growth. Repeated PRP treatments can stimulate the hair roots and thus promote hair growth.

Laser light allows the targeted destruction of the smallest cell structures in individual skin layers. In this way, conventional surgical interventions can be bypassed. Disturbing benign skin changes (e.g. warts), but also precursors of white skin cancer (actinic keratoses), spider veins, hair, age spots and tattoos can be gently removed with laser light. Which laser system and laser therapy to use is decided in the individual diagnosis and specialist consultation.

Mesotherapy is a modern treatment method that has been practiced in France for over 50 years. It is a synthesis of neural therapy, acupuncture and drug therapy. In this method, drug mixtures in extremely small doses are introduced into the skin near the site of the disease through multiple microinjections. The principle is: “Little, rarely, at the right place.” the treatment is rapid and has almost no side effects. The spectrum of indications is wide and ranges from pain therapy to wrinkle therapy. In my practice, mesotherapy has already been successfully used for hair loss, connective tissue weakness (e.g. cellulite) and wrinkle therapy. Without surgical intervention, intensive blood and lymph circulation, tissue purification and regeneration, improved appearance and revitalization of the skin are achieved.

For small problem areas and fat pads that stubbornly persist despite exercise and a conscious diet, I can offer you an effective form of therapy with injection lipolysis. Lipolysis means fat dissolution. With this non-surgical method, body fat in areas close to the surface can be reduced and dissolved by means of the active ingredient phophatidylcholine, which is also used to lower blood lipid levels and dissolve fat emboli. To achieve this, the treatment involves injecting the agent directly into the affected areas of the body using very fine needles. As a rule, two to four treatments are required at intervals of six to eight weeks. More than 80% of patients are very satisfied with the results after two to three treatments.

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is the most efficient method of counteracting drooping eyelids and is particularly suitable in more severe cases. In a single procedure, the excess eyelid skin is surgically removed and the eyelid is tightened. The downtime is about 7-10 days.

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